Leadership Education Academy is an online school with weekly classes. Our interactive classes prepare your child (8-16 years old) for high school using engaging classics, amazing mentors and transformational projects. Choose one or two classes to supplement your educational plan or take several to create a full curriculum.

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How We Do It
How We Do It
  1. Classics invite the great men,women, ideas and creations of all time right into our lives.
  2.  Mentors inspire students to greatness by showing them how to educate themselves and helping them over roadblocks. See our Mentors
  3. Scholar Projects Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI)has licensed LEA to use their amazing Scholar Projects online. About the Projects

Parents are the number one mentors in their childrens’ lives and essential to their success at LEA. To facilitate this relationship we provide:

1. A transformational mentor session with Tiffany Earl, the president of LEMI, at the beginning of each semester.

2. Adult classes for parents to set the example of education in their home. Parent mentor meetings.

3. Student showcase for the whole family each semester.

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