About Scholar Projects

Scholar Projects were developed by Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne to help youth transition from childhood love of learning into youth scholars prepared for the more intense study of high school. The only place to find them online is Leadership Education Academy.

PRACTICE SCHOLAR PROJECTS inspire your youth to:

  • Start doing the “hard things”
  • Learn time management
  • Discover more about who they are
  • Understand their duty as a citizen
  • Study for extended periods of time out of personal choice
  • Write independently and with insight
  • Think deeper, study things that may not interest them at first

If your youth dislikes learning or just isn’t interested, its okay; there’s a way to help change that.  Our Practice Scholar Projects are fun-filled, interesting and include a community of peers.


  • Transition from studying 2-4 hours a day to 6-10 hours a day!
  • Become a self-directed scholar
  • Gain scholar skills such as: reading difficult works, writing, debating, teaching, researching, discussing, using mentors
  • Be a homesteader rather than a squatter (initiative)
  • Take action
  • Find personal mission
  • Gain a vision for “contributing” to society

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Our Mission

Sword of Freedom