Ancient Voyagers of History



This class is designed for Love of Learners and is a survey of  history.


  • Vision: History is an exciting story.
  • Mission: I can learn from the past and shape my own destiny
  • Abilities: I can see and understand patterns of history
  • Skill: I can read, research, and present a lesson
There will be opportunities each week for students to do a report or a project. Students are welcome to do all of them or none! It is completely up to you and what works for your situation. Projects help solidify the concepts we are learning and it’s a hands on way to explore a civilization. This is especially appropriate for a young “Love of Learning” student. Reports help teach reading, writing, and research skills. The “out of class time” work would be approximately 1 hour each week.

So come aboard Voyagers! Another journey awaits you!

Fall Semester: Ancient Times

History is our link to the past where we forge ideas about government, civilization, the right way to live, and what is good. History allows us to see the present differently and therefore imagine and work towards a different and better future. We will learn about the great civilizations of ancient history including Sumerians, Babylon, Assyria, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and Europe.

Supplies: none

Cost: $125.00 semester

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