Beautiful Girlhood


Recommended Ages: 9-11


“Childhood holds its promises– womanhood its fulfillments, and youth, those golden days of girlhood, the transition.”

Beautiful Girlhood is a class designed to help girls gain the skills and abilities of a great woman by learning about great women in history, doing projects, and discussing and reading together. We will focus on a variety of projects including: baking, needlework, calligraphy, self-discovery, communication skills, and many others.

The class objectives include:

Vision: Becoming a woman whose heart and mind are pure.

Mission: Knowledge and belief that I am unique and have an important mission to fulfill.

Abilities: Develop the ability to have empathy for others, gain emotional intelligence, and experience joy in knowing my individual gifts and strengths.

Skills: Manage a home and family, develop strong relationships, and become self-sufficient.

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Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola

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