Rockets, Radar, & Robotics IEW Level B


Prerequisite: IEW Level A course or 11 years old

Technology and writing merge in this course from the award winning Institute for Excellence in Writing. Techie students will love discovering secrets of technology while learning to write with structure and style.

We will review material from Level A for new students as we practice perfecting IEW writing models and styles. Students will further their confidence in expressing their own ideas and opinions as they share with one another and receive individual feedback from their mentor.

New this year: this class will also include a subscription to MobyMax, an online program that quickly diagnoses student progress showing any gaps in their learning. Moby automatically assigns lessons to target any missing skills. We will use Moby to help with Language Arts subjects we don’t cover in class such as grammar and spelling. Purchased separately, this costs $99.

Supplies: Rockets, Radars, & Robots student manual (please purchase for class)

Cost: $145.oo semester

Now offered as a recorded class. All the same mentoring and writing feedback for students who can’t attend the live class. See More

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  • $145.00
  • 16 Weeks
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