Fables, Myths, and Fairytales IEW Level A

Have fun learning to write with structure and style. Beginning writers, this class is for you!


Delight in classic children’s tales while learning to write with structure and style! Characters and adventures will capture students’ imaginations and provide rich writing content. Recommended for grades 3-5. This class moves at a slightly faster pace than All Things Fun & Fascinating and also includes vocabulary studies.

New this year: this class will also include a subscription to MobyMax, an online program that quickly diagnoses student progress showing any gaps in their learning. Moby automatically assigns lessons to target any missing skills. We will use Moby to help with Language Arts subjects we don’t cover in class such as grammar and spelling. Purchased separately, this costs $99.

Supplies (please purchase for class):

Cost: $145.00 semester

Now offered as a recorded class for students who can’t attend the live class. See More

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  1. Fables Myths and Fairy tales


    It was pretty fun. I loved being able to write my own stories because I loved writing about Batman and I changed Rumpelstiltskin to make it really funny. I love writing stories. And I really like my teacher. I hope I have the same one next time.

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