Indigenous Voyagers of History

There will be opportunities each week for students to do a report or a project. Students are welcome to do all of them or none! It is completely up to you and what works for your situation. Projects help solidify the concepts we are learning and it’s a hands on way to explore a civilization. This is especially appropriate for a young “Love of Learning” student. Reports help teach reading, writing, and research skills. The “out of class time” work would be approximately 1 hour each week.

So come aboard Voyagers! Another journey awaits you!

Spring Class (6 weeks): Indigenous People

It’s time to embark upon another journey to the civilizations of the past. We will be sailing to the Americas to learn about the Inca, Aztec, and Mayan peoples who created a vast and sophisticated culture. Africa will be another destination on our itinerary which will include the tribal societies that are still alive today. Asia and Australia are included on our expedition as we discover the roots of our past.

Cost: $85 spring

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