This class will be best for students who are 9 years old and up.
Fast track learning the piano with Piano Possible! Your child will be playing amazing sounding songs from the very first lessons. Even those who are “not musical” will come away with success.
    • You will be getting seven different ways to play the piano. No other method covers this much content in one class. You wont be restricted to playing the piano only when you have music in front of you.

7 ways to learn and play piano.

    • What you or your child will learn and play
  • Classical and/or traditional
  • Accompaniment
  • Jazz
  • Ballad Style
  • Arrangements
  • Improv
  • Composition
We will be using the Simply Music Curriculum, which is a playing-based approach to learning music, meaning we learn to play music before we learn to read music.
Just like you learned to speak before your learned to read and write, we learn to play before we learn to read music. You or your child will be playing amazing sounding, complex pieces from the very beginning! That does mean however we will not be covering reading notes in this level. If you choose to continue with us we will be covering note reading in level four. When note reading is introduced it is much easier and quicker to learn because it is just a physical representation of something our students can already do.
What you need to take this class:
Simply Music foundation level 1 materials to be purchased at https://students.simplymusic.com/store/foundation-level-1/ My teacher ID is 301
A piano or keyboard with at least 66 keys
A parent or some other adult must attend class with students who are younger than 12, to help navigate hands on the piano. To take this class you must have a computer, tablet or phone with a video feed and mic that you can bring to the piano or keyboard. Video must be on the entire class. (Note: we will be using a Zoom room for this class so that tablets can be used. However, recordings will be limited.)

Cost: $150.00 semester

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