What better way for your son or daughter to become a great leader than to study and emulate people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.? In QUEST 1 they will study six incredible statesmen and complete document studies on their original speeches. There will also be a blue book essay exam and a polished persuasive essay due on each. We will have colloquia on classic literature and lectures on Leadership Education and the 6 Keys to Personal Influence. At the end of this first semester they will have 3 exams: an oral exam, a written exam, and a document study.

Students can expect to study 16-20 hours outside of class time. Please have the necessary books in plenty of time to read and annotate them before they are due in class. Owning your own books help you to have a conversation with the author and deepens your understanding of the principles exemplified. Also, be careful to not overbook yourself so as to get the most from this class.


In this three semester course, students further develop writing skills by beginning to shift from just getting their opinions down on paper to learning how to show evidence and make their papers persuasive. Studying historical documents will help them see history in context and give them a lens to view current events by. Reading and discussing  biographies of great people puts them face to face with great leaders and naturally leads them to ask hard questions of themselves. Each semester culminates in an oral exam where the student shows what they have learned about history, writing, government and themselves.

Content: Statesmen and Leaders, History, Writing, Leadership
Vision: I love statesmanship and I see myself as a statesman; I understand the Scholar Phase Continuum; I am preparing for self-directed scholar phase.
Mission: Now is the time for me to prepare for my personal mission; I am beginning to find my voice and share it with others through my writing and speaking; I choose classics and projects that connect with my mission.
Abilities: I begin with the end in mind; I create systems and habits to accomplish my vision; as I study statesmen, I know when to use resonance or dissonance; I emulate the six characteristics of statesmen; I use the six keys to personal influence to help others.
Skills: I grow my capacity to: read, write, speak, and think; I can logically structure arguments and use proofs; I can submit to the right mentors.

You can expect your student to study 2-3 hours a day for this class.

I love QUEST and can’t wait to get to know you as we study these world-changing leaders together!

Semester One- Fall

Books: where to order

Cost: $175.oo

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