Science Explorers 1

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Recommended Ages: 8-11

An introduction to science for Love-of-Learners

Wanted: All inquisitive minds to explore the exciting world of science!

Put on your lab coat and get out your microscope as we investigate the atom, cells, and other miniature things that make up all matter.  Next, let’s scan the skies and delve into the cosmos and the expanse of the universe. Our journey will include a survey from the macro and micro world as we are introduced to the basic principles of science and the great scientists who blazed the trails for us to follow.

Projects will include:

  • Research paper on a prominent scientist
  • Weekly science experiments to do at home (if inclined)
  • Science experiment which will be presented to the class
  • Survey history of the various fields of science including introduction to great scientists of the world
  • Basic principles of science explored

Vision: I am a person who can change the world

Mission: I can ask questions and seek answers

Abilities: I can be persistent, overcome obstacles, and learn through trial and error

Skills: I can experiment and find truth by using the scientific method

Cost: $125.00

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    I loved it.

  • $125.00
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