Shakespeare Conquest


Prerequisite: 12 years old

Shakespeare is often feared because his language is so different than the English we speak today. In this class, students will find that Shakespeare can be wonderful. It’s not that hard to read and it is worth every effort. Shakespeare’s works span the spectrum of human interaction and emotion. And the bard is a crack-up! He can be so funny!

Content: Shakespeare
Vision: I see I can be part of something GREAT! I have a vision of how I fit into the world.
Mission: I can do hard things and I have a role to play. I have an allegiance to higher values and my own personal mission.
Abilities: I can disagree and get along, have confidence, manage time, work with a team, trust, forgive, and feel comfortable with who I am.
Skills: memorizing, writing, speaking up, working with people, presenting, reading difficult things, understanding heightened language

This class covers so much of what goes into making Shakespeare great.

  • Who was Shakespeare and why is he still improtant
  • Poetic Language devises and strategies
  • The culture and history of Elizabethan England
  • Beginning acting
  • Reading difficult texts and being part of a book discussion
  • Writing opinion papers
  • Giving a presentation to peers
  • Working with others

Semester One- Fall

Books: where to order

  • Shakespeare Conquest Student Manual
  • Students will need access to Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Merchant of Venice Cliffs complete version of the play  Here is the ISBN#:   ISBN-0-7645-8575-4

Semester Two- Winter

This semester we will continue to learn about Shakespeare!

  • Our class will gain acting skills in our actors training course.
  • We will put on a Shakespeare Fair online just for our class!
  • We will learn about antithesis and archetypes and how Shakespeare uses them in his plays.
  • We will learn about setting, characterization, and plotlines
  • We will produce a play based on one of his magical comedies complete with costumes, props and lots of fun. The students will learn Shakespeare in a whole new way!
  • This class is a continuation for those enrolled in Shakespeare Conquest—Fall semester.
  • Participation is required to complete Shakespeare Conquest project.

Books: where to order

  • Shakespeare Conquest Student Manual (this is the same manual used for  Shakespeare 1)**available from the LEMI bookstore
  • TITLE COMING SOON Cliffs complete version of the play  
  • Shakespeare Plays

Cost: $155.00 semester  This is a full-year class, two semesters.

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