What equipment will I need to take an online class? How does it work?

You will need a computer, internet connection and a microphone (not bluetooth). A webcam is optional.  The students and the mentor meet in the classroom at a specific day and time. They are able to interact with one another via a chat box, microphone, webcam and a whiteboard. They hold lectures, discussions, quizzes, games, simulations and even have the occasional party! You can view a SAMPLE CLASS and see a short tutorial about the online classroom here: Blackboard Collaborate Classroom.

Can siblings take a class together? Is there a discount?

We have tried several different options with siblings and the mentors all agree that it is necessary for each student to have their own computer as sharing adds too many distractions to our online classroom. Siblings may register for the same class at LEA if they both have their own computer. There is no discount as the mentor gives equal time and energy to each student. However, if one sibling registers and takes the class live, siblings may watch the recordings to the class at no additional charge.

Why did you start Leadership Education Academy?

As children get older, they desire and benefit from more interaction with other students their age.  I’ve lived in rural areas where most of the students went to public school and it was challenging to create amazing classes with only two or three other youth. I wanted to create a place where positive peer interaction and great mentoring could occur. Where students, no matter where they lived, could be inspired to learn, to build their abilities and skills, and to understand they have unique gifts to offer the world.

What if I miss a class?

All classes are recorded, so you can watch later at your own convenience.

How strict are the age recommendations?

LEA offers age recommendations as a guideline, but you know your child best. If your child falls outside of our age recommendations, please email jwagner@leadershipeducationacademy.com to see if they will be a good fit for the class.

How much does it cost?

LEA charges per class ranging from $65- $175 per semester. Visit the class description page to see the cost for any particular class. Options are available including monthly payments (contact Janette) and receiving payment through a charter school. Here is a list of charter schools we currently work with.  If your charter isn’t listed, let us know and we can contact them.

Do I have to take all the classes in order?

No. You may elect to follow our 5 Semester Graduation Plan, but you may also just pick and choose. LEA is designed to let you customize your child’s education.

Can I receive high school credit for classes at LEA?

Yes. Williamsburg Academy, an accredited online school that emphasizes mentors, classical works and leadership, has agreed to receive LEMI courses for high school credit. Details here and here.
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