New Math Classes

Does your child struggle with math? Would you welcome help to keep them inspired? Elizabeth Cousin, LEA’s math expert is here to take the stress out of math.

Math Class is a weekly class teaching concepts from Saxon’s 5/4 and 6/5 courses. Concepts will be chosen based on the student’s needs. Students will also meet individually with the mentor to set their own weekly math goals. This also includes a subscription to the award-winning online, self-directed  program, Moby Max.

Math Lab is provides your student with a math mentor using their own math course. Whenever they need extra help, they contact the math mentor who sets up a private tutoring session with them. The mentor may also have the student email their weekly math goals to help motivate them to be consistent in their math studies.

Math Lab with ALEKS includes everything in Math Lab plus a 12-month subscription to ALEKS math which has math courses from elementary through calculus. Options for shorter subscriptions are available. Contact LEA for more info.

Pre-Algebra is a course for students who are preparing for algebra next year. Since we can’t cover every possible topic in only one hour per week, we will focus on a few subjects that are the most essential topics to be ready for algebra.  We will cover: number properties, integers, exponents, factors and multiples, expressions and equations, and the coordinate plane.  Each unit will be covered over 3 to 4 weeks so students will have a solid understanding of each topic.

July 25, 2017
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