About LEA

At LEA we know that education is about more than just information. We offer scholar projects designed to mentor children through the challenges of adolescence with confidence. Our experienced mentors know how to inspire your child to study and our online, interactive classrooms provide opportunities for students to discuss their opinions and learn how to think. They will be developing a sense of the world they live in and their place in it while beginning to acquire the skills and abilities needed to impact it. Completion of our 5 semester program will have your child prepared for the high school of their choice.

Leadership Education Academy (LEA) seeks to build youth of vision and mission who have acquired the abilities and skills necessary to gain a liberty-promoting education. We do this in three ways:

  1. We have the exclusive license to use LEMI Scholar Projects online. Scholar Projects are different from classes. Classes focus on information while scholar projects focus on transformation. When taken consecutively, LEMI Scholar Projects form a continuum increasing the student’s proficiency. Youth that complete all the courses will be equipped with abilities and skills helping them to accomplish the vision and mission they have discovered for their life. (Graduates also qualify for one year’s worth of credits from Williamsburg Academy, an accredited, online high school.)
  2. We know that parents are the #1 mentors in their children’s lives. LEA strengthens this relationship through parent mentoring including an audio download with Tiffany Earl, the president of LEMI and an expert in the field of mentoring.
  3. We hold elective classes for 8 to 11 year old children who are ready to try an online learning environment with a fabulous mentor.



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