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This class is for students aged 13 and up.
In a world shaped by ever-increasing turmoil and disputes, what can a group of youth do to make a difference? The answer: a lot!
As a class we will study what a “right” is, different types of rights, and various methods of activism and involvement to determine which are actually effective and acceptable and which are not. Students individually will take initiative to discover heroes as they research and write about historical freedom fighters. Looking to these individuals for inspiration, they will design and implement their own project to improve their community in a small, meaningful, and appropriate way.
Even when the world seems overwhelming and frightening, there is always hope and opportunities for contribution. This class will work to empower and educate students to see their ability to affect change and stand among the ranks of remarkable men and women who stood up for themselves and others.”

Cost $125 , winter semester ONLY

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