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This class consists of two twelve-week semesters. Please note the dates as they vary from our regular schedule: Fall Semester, September 5th- November 21st and Winter Semester, January 30th- April 27th.

Pre-algebra is a course for students who are preparing for algebra next year. Since we can’t cover every possible topic in only one hour per week, we will focus on a few subjects that are the most essential topics to be ready for algebra.  We will cover: number properties, integers, exponents, factors and multiples, expressions and equations, and the coordinate plane.  Each unit will be covered over 3 to 4 weeks so students will have a solid understanding of each topic. Students are encouraged to work through a a pre-algebra course of their own choosing and come to class with questions. Saxon 8/7 with pre-algebra and ALEKS are good options. Use coupon code PREALGEBRA to get a 12 month ALEKS subscription for $50 when taking this class.


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