Teens Need Meaningful Work

20150623_121614In times past families relied on their growing children to help the family succeed financially. As children grew in strength, ability and maturity, they were required to work. Real work. Work that could mean the difference between eating or not in the coming winter. Doing this kind of work was hard, but it built character and confidence. It produced men and women who understood and desired adulthood in a way that doing a few chores around the house rarely does.

Even though I know this, I struggle in my suburban life, to find enough meaningful tasks for my older teens. There simply isn’t enough of the same kind of work to be done around my home. Certainly not the kind that means we might have a long, hungry winter. I have found something that has helped them tune out electronics and work hard, however. It is called QUEST. It is a time-intensive, character rich, skills building scholar project that requires teens to work hard and find great meaning in the process. This year, QUEST is being mentored by Diana Petersen at Leadership Education Academy and we feel so lucky to have her.






Stephen R. Covey has said that when times get tough, the solution and answers lie in principles — principles that are universal, timeless, self-evident, and enduring.  It’s what the world needs right now and Quest is the course where these principles are taught. Quest is the crème de le crème of scholar projects, it’s the icing on the cake, or the fresh fruit smoothie on a hot day!

This course is really eye-opening as we come face to face with some of the greatest statesmen,  many who were once similar to you and me.  This is the course that really teaches you HOW to think.  There are many books to read, papers to write, and things to learn!
As we study a few of the great statesmen who changed the world…
·         We’ll be in the room with Martin Luther when he is asked to recant his 95 theses.
·         We’ll stand beside Thomas Jefferson and listen to Patrick Henry’s stirring words “Give me liberty or give me death!”
·         We’ll walk with Gandhi across the border where he knowingly breaks the law and then sit with him in jail as he suffers the consequences of his actions, as he dedicates his life to freeing his people through peaceful means.
Quest is challenging – and where there is great challenge, there is tremendous growth!


August 19, 2015
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