Welcome to LEA!

Helping Homeschool Heroes: YOU

Are you overwhelmed with all of the curriculum choices for home education? Are you ready for resources that don’t disrupt your family routines, but instead support them? 

My name is Janette Wagner and I am a leadership education mentor. I work with homeschooling heroes, like you, helping you to regain focus on your family’s most important next steps in education.

Why did I start LEA?

I am the mother of five children. It doesn’t take long as a parent to realize how unique each child is. Just when you think you have something figured out with a child, another one comes along and challenges the assumptions you made with the first. Education is no exception. I have been involved with education in a meaningful way since 1991 and have witnessed masses of parents who have taken on the responsibility of finding and even creating the best resources for their children’s education. These resources have grown from a dogmatic few to a diverse cacophony, but the struggle that I’ve seen parents go through is the same. They want the best for their children, but want to feel supported. I felt like I could help.

I have a passion for children learning to love learning and a deep empathy for the overwhelming job of parenting. LEA lets me help both. It is my dream job. (read more about the creation of LEA here.)My Children

How is LEA Different from other options?

Our classes are not about tests or standards. They are about individual children with individual gifts and talents and missions. Our classes are designed to help students discover as much about themselves as they do about the world around them. We specialize in helping children LOVE learning and being self-motivated in pursuing their education. Because we believe that freedomboth individual and politicalis a gift that grows or shrinks based on our ability to maintain it, the our main goal at LEA is to prepare students to have a desire for freedom. We help them gain the vision, mission, abilities and skills to protect freedom as they go on to higher education or vocations. 

What Will LEA Do for You and Your Family?

We are here to support your family. Whether you are looking for one or two classes to fill in a specific subject or a full program, we can help. Maybe you just need some personal mentoring to help you make positive changes in your homeschool. Whatever your homeschool needs, we want to help you reach your family’s educational goals. My school is built on a foundation of love, a passion for freedom, and a commitment to help homeschool heroes be an unstoppable force for good.


Join us and we will help you fill the gaps to give your kids the education they deserve and give YOU the peace of mind you have been looking for.

September 1, 2016
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