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2010_logo_blue_jfxnScholar Projects were developed by Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne to help youth transition from childhood love of learning into youth scholars prepared for the more intense study of high school. The only place to find them online is Leadership Education Academy.

Scholar Phase is the phase of education where a student puts in thousands of hours studying the classics of all-time, learning how to think, shaping their hearts and minds, and obtaining the kind of education that is required for freedom.  It is also where the Scholarship Ladders become essential.

Scholar Phase can be broken down into four parts:

1. Practice:  when a student begins to gain scholar skills in reading, writing, thinking, computing, etc. to such a degree that they become independent thinkers.  At first it takes a lot of practice and looks inconsistent, in time it becomes easier and easier and the student’s ability to focus increases.
2. Apprentice: study hours are doubled once again, from four to eight.  This is the bottleneck of scholar phase, where many, many scholar skills are learned so that the student’s time can be used effectively.
3. Self-Directed: this is “The Bar” where a student has proven that they have the skills and abilities to read anything, speak persuasively, write persuasively, obtain the mentors they desire, work with mentors, and think.
 4. Mentored: this is usually done at college.

Although there are many ways to accomplish scholar phase, LEMI has provided methods, tools, and mentoring to assist both parents and youth to progress through the various levels of scholar phase as they prepare for a broad, deep study of the classics.

The Scholarship Ladders-

We have found that there are 5 things, which if met, pull a student through Scholar Phase.  We call these 5 things, The Scholarship Ladders.  If each Scholarship Ladder is used correctly then teenagers will willingly do the hard work of obtaining an education for personal and community freedom.

The LEMI Scholar Projects were designed with this in mind.  

Scholar Projects are freedom enriching thematic units that take students through The Scholarship Ladders.  The goal of each Scholar Project is to expose students to a specific body of knowledge (such as Shakespeare or the U.S. Constitution) and instill within them a greater vision of themselves by incorporating six environments of learning.  This ultimately entices them to ask the question, “What is the purpose of my life?”

As students gain a greater vision and love for freedom and see themselves as contributors to the cause of freedom worldwide, they become motivated to seek and develop their latent vital abilities.  They gain the skills they need to make real impact.

Each of the Scholar Projects incorporates five skill-based elements:
1.  Thinking
2.  Speaking
3.  Writing
4.  Computing
5.  Reading

Each Scholar Projects invites the students to examine their own character by exposing them to great men and women in history.

PRACTICE SCHOLAR PROJECTS (Key of Liberty, Sword of Freedom, Shakespeare Conquest, Heroes of WWII) inspire your youth to:

  • Start doing the “hard things”
  • Learn time management
  • Discover more about who they are
  • Understand their duty as a citizen
  • Study for extended periods of time out of personal choice
  • Write independently and with insight
  • Think deeper, study things that may not interest them at first

If your youth dislikes learning or just isn’t interested, its okay; there’s a way to help change that.  Our Practice Scholar Projects are fun-filled, interesting and include a community of peers.

APPRENTICE SCHOLAR PROJECTS (Pyramid Project, QUEST) teach students to:

  • Transition from studying 2-4 hours a day to 6-10 hours a day!
  • Become a self-directed scholar
  • Gain scholar skills such as: reading difficult works, writing, debating, teaching, researching, discussing, using mentors
  • Be a homesteader rather than a squatter (initiative)
  • Take action
  • Find personal mission
  • Gain a vision for “contributing” to society

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